How to fix Minecraft Tlauncher An Error Occured while uploading files.

If you are facing this error in your computer then I will show easy and simple steps to fix this problem. In order to fix Minecraft Tlauncher An Error Occured while uploading files. You should have to follow the tutorial from starting to end.

Why we face this error?

We are facing this error for many reasons. It can be the software issue or macos issue. Ok problem, can be anything but we should focus on the main point. Now let’s see how we can solve this issue.

How to fix this Error

So the first, What you have to do is you have to click on OK. then ou have to install Tlauncher beta. we are going to fix this error by installing it to launch a better version so I’m gonna put down a downloading in my description just go ahead and download the file once you downloaded the file then you will get this file.

This tutorial is for Mac users only.

Now once you have downloaded the file you have to click on the file to extract it when you extract the file you have to open the folder. when you once you open the folder then you have to double click on the T launcher.jar file but before that make sure that you have closed your the launcher now it’s going to take a little bit of time.

TLauncher does not start.

Run the Beta Version.

After that it will open launching your computer as you will see there will be T launcher 2.872 beta so yeah we start to select the version whichever you use you can install it.

Now after that just click on enter the game you will get an error while entering in the game that’s why you have to use another version.

If you will open Minecraft with this version then you will not face any error and your error will be completely disappeared so just click on enter the game and you will see and interface of downloading and it will install.

And after the installation is completed you will not get any type of error while entering your launcher and you can play your game without any issues.

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