How to fix The Procedure Entry Point not found dynamic library windows

THE PROCEDURE ENTRY POINT NOT FOUND DYNAMIC LIBRARY WINDOWS 11, 10, 8 and 7. In this blog post you will know how you can Fix The Procedure Entry Point Not Fount Dynamic Library in few easy steps.

Why we face this error?

We face most of the errors in computer because the software. It can be Windows issue or the application issue. You should focus on the main point.

Why This Error Occours.

This error happens when a piece of software cannot find the DLL library it needs to function. It might also occur if the DLL file is missing or corrupted or if the library isn’t in the directory provided by the path.

The most essential tools for your computer can be found in the DLL library. It maintains and preserves crucial system information and drivers that aid in resolving software compatibility problems across many systems. A missing or damaged DLL might make you feel helpless online because it can cause everything to crash, from programmes from opening at all.

Download The File.

The first step is to download the setup file we’ll get this but the first step is to download the zip file you will get the zip file link in the description go ahead and download the file once you download the file and you have to extract it extract it using Winrar or 7-Zip.

Install And Extract The File.

Windows you start to right click on it then here you will find extract all button you don’t find extract all button here you can extract it in a window just right click select all click on extract now when you extract the file then you will go to folders one is visual C plus plus setup.

And the second command first you will open a visual C plus facilities table package then here you will get the setup first one is for 64-bit second one is for 32-bit and third one is for AR you how you can check which you have to install right click on this piece and click on property and here you will get your system type like 64-bit system type install the first one x64 you have the 32-bit 60 system type then to install the second just double click on this PC disk x64.exe and click on the licensed Samsung condition then just click on install you have to click on yes.

Complete The Setup Procedure.

It will take a little bit of time then it will install Microsoft Visual C plus plus 2013 in your windows now we are done now again step to open the commands folder then open the CMD commands.txt copy the command from here to run this command into the CMD one CMD from here make sure that you open it as administrator a guess is the command here control V and hit enter now it can take a little bit of time verify the error and the problem it will verify the problem.

And then it will find the problem and then it will solve your issue automatically now all you have to do is just tweet once the process is completed then it will look something you should click close this and you should close this now we are all done then you have to launch a program in which you are facing the error now this time you’re not going to face any issue.




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