OBS is already running Please close it before installing a new version

OBS Studio is already running please close it before installing a new version. If you get this same error while installing obs studio then You are here in the best place.

Today, we are going to see step by step, How to fix Obs studio is already running error. We are going to fix this problem under 1 minute but before that You need to follow each and every step as shown in this post.

How to fix Obs studio is already running error

Let’s begin by solving the Obs studio is already operating error. If you read this tutorial from beginning to end, it will be very beneficial to you. We must first end the background operation of an additional Obs studio version. To do that, move forward.

Step 1: End process of OBS

Open Task Manager. To open Task manager, right click on Windows button then choose Task Manager. after that, task manager will open up.

Now, here in the Task Manager. Go to Details

After that solution is very simple, just try to find streamlabsOBS.exe in the list.

Once, you find it then you need to end the process, right click on the streamlabsOBS.exe then choose “End process tree”

After that, close Task Manager

Once, you did that then You need to click on retry again, by doing this Obs studio will be installed in your computer.

Then click on Next, Install then after that, You are going to face any error.

Congratulations, your error is completely fixed and Now you can record or stream using OBS Studio. It is one of the easiest simplest way to fix “Obs studio is already running, please close it before installing a new version”. Hope you guys found this quick tutorial helpful.

So this is How You Can Fix This Error In Few Easy Steps.

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