Nvidia Graphic Card not Detected Windows 10/11.

Nvidia Graphic Card not Detected in Windows 10/11. In this post you will know how you can fix Nvidia Graphic Card is not Detected in Windows 10/11 in some easy steps so follow all the steps carefully.

Nvidia Graphic Card not Detected

So the first thing you need to do is click on the link given below this paragraph and you will be redirected to the file which you have to download and after you got it just download the file. And then go to file destination folder where you downloaded it and then just double click on the file to install.

And then just complete the installation. And then you just need to start scanning in Driver Booster.

And after the scanning is complete you will find a interface which will tell you which drivers are outdated and needs update as you can see in the image given below so you just have to click on the update all button which will appear at the top right corner of the driver booster.

And while updating all the drivers if it asks to set you a Windows System Restore then just click on cancel.

It will take a lot of time in updating all the drivers so just let it complete all the updates and after all the updates are completed you can see a interface like the image you can see below.

And after you are done just click on Reboot and after you that you can see that the Graphics Card will be detected.

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So this is how you can Fix Nvidia Graphic Card is not Detected in Windows 10/11.

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