How to fix Failed to connect to server in Minecraft(Aternos)

If you are someone who is struggling with this error then You are here in the best blog. In this blog post, I will teach you how to fix Failed to connect to server error in Minecraft.

Failed to log in: Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher) – This is the same error we get while joining a server.

Why does this error occur?

First of all, before fixing the we should know Why we are facing this error.

When we create our Minecraft Server with Aternos. and Try to join the server then We get this error because We should have to enable a option in Aternos Setting.

The online mode option should be false but By default this option is true. that’s why we are facing Failed to connect to server error in Minecraft.

I know, It is irritating but we have to solve this problem right now

How to fix Failed to connect to server error?

In order to fix this error while joining a minecraft server, You have to follow each and every step as shown in this article.

First of all, You have to open up the Aternos Dashboard.

after that, You need to Click on “Options

Once, you are in the options tab, You have to find a option Cracked then You have to turn on this option.

Once you are done turning on the Cracked option. then You have to go and Try again.

Open up your Minecraft Game and once again, Join the server. Now this time, You will not get any error.

As you can see, There is no error Joining the world and I am able to play it smoothly.

As you can see I have successfuly joined the server. Failed to Connect to Server Error is completely gone after applying all the steps as shown in this blog.


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