How to Fix Dll Missing Error – Windows 11.

How to fix Dll Missing Error – Windows 11. In this blog post you will know how you can Fix Dll Missing Error in Windows 11 in easy steps.

Download And Extract The File.

First of all you have to download the file whose link is given below the paragraph download once you downloaded the file then you have to extract the file you can extract this file and then right click on it and then you can select extract all option you have to click on extract.

Now you need to open this folder when you open this folder for the first then there you will find the whole three folders command access and time web installer download missing real file first open the DAC tax runtime web installer run this setup you click on the setup it will ask you to allow then you have to click on yes then accept the agreement next and check this option install the Bing Bar next it is going to take a little bit of time to install Microsoft attacks your windows 11.

Install The File.

To fix your digital missing error so we can click on next and it will take a little bit of time to download all the update which is available for your windows 11. And after that you can see that the missing dll in your computer started downloading once the installation is complete then you can click on the Finish button now you are all done installing attack certain time web installer.

And go back in the folder then open the commands folder and here you will find dot EXT open this file when you open this file then you’re gonna get the to command in this file just copy the first one from here then launch CMD as administrator sparkly tuition as administrator click yes paste the command right over here back control + V then hit enter now it is going to scan your PC and then it will fix your problem all you have to do is just wait for that to complete the whole process.

Run Few Commands.

Now after the process is completed the Windows Associated phone cut files and successfully repaired them so it has fixed my problem so after that copy the second command from folder then go and paste it right over there control + V then hit enter now it’s going to take a little bit of time again it will show you the percentage also.

So now once the process is completely then you can see operations completed successfully now close the window now you have to launch your program in which were are getting this DLL error so if your problem not solved then you have to follow the next step the last step downloading a missing detail file then open the photo download missing dll file from here and click double click on the link now this website will open up here in your browser so now here you can type your deal missing error something if you’re getting like VC random 140 msvcp mscp 100.

Run The Architecture Install The Digital File.

And if you want any another added you just have to type right over here let me just type VC runtime type the correct name of your dll right here and here you will see your dll file click on it and here you should have to download the architecture 64 because you are in doing this on Windows 11 Windows 11 only 64-bit that’s why we have to download this architecture 64.

Then click on this download icon now it will download and start in two seconds one second and as you can see it is asking me to save click on Save now once you’re done downloading it go to downloads folder then extract it click extract over here now copy this digital file from here which you have downloaded and go to C drive and then go to windows and go to system 32 this is 32 folder then I’m gonna paste this D level 5 right over here and click continue.

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Now once you’re done then you have to launch your program in which you are facing the error now after doing all the steps that’s your error is fixed.

So this is How you can Fix Dll Missing Error – Windows 11

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