How to fix A Java Exception Has Occured Error (2023)

If you are someone who is facing A Java Exception Has Occured then You are here in the best place. There are several ways to fix this problem but I will tell you best and easy way to fix the error. In only 2 minutes, You will be able to solve your issue.

In this blog post, You will know in detail about How to fix A java Exception has occured error in Computer. If you are using Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 then You have to follow the same step.

Why we get this Error?

When we create a Minecraft Server then We run the server. jar file and We face this error due to some missing files of Java in your Computer. Sometimes, we get A java Exception has occured error because our system don’t have the Java Jdk. To fix this error, We need to install Java Jdk Installer in our Windows System.

You don’t have to worry about anything, I will guide you step by step How to fix this error. It is a easy and simple process to fix this issue.

First go ahead and get the Java JDK installer for your Windows version. The best link is given below.

Install Java JDK Installer

In order to fix the problem you will need the Java JDK installer. You have to click on this blue button to get this file. First go and subscribe the Youtube Channel and You will get the Download Button. Simply click on it Download it.

You just need to run the setup. Double click on the Setup file to run on your Computer. It will ask to allow, click on yes to allow it.

Just click Next, Next and You are done with the Installation.

Once the Installation is completed then You have to click on “Close” button.

Now after applying all the steps as shown in the blog then You are good to go. Now you can run the server.jar file in your system. This time you will not get any error.

Now after you are done with this all now you can access your Java files successfully without facing any error or issue.

So this is how you can Fix A Java Exception Has Occured Error in your Computer or Laptop. This was the easy and simplest way to fix this error.

Hope you guys are able to fix the issue otherwise, You can consider watching this video,

What does it mean if a Java exception has occurred?

An exception (or exceptional event) is a problem that arises during the Exception of a program. When an Exception occurs the normal flow of the program is disrupted and the program/Application terminates abnormally, which is not recommended, therefore, these exceptions are to be handled.

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